Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oak Mountain State Park

We had amazing fall weather last weekend (about 20 degrees Celsius and sunny) and went to Oak Mountain, the largest state park in Alabama in order to stretch our legs and take a leisurely hike. I miss walking and hiking and being out in the nature. We do spend way to much time in the car here... something that I will never get used to.

Oak Mountain is pretty, the fall foliage is in full swings and the colors were really nice.

We explored their wildlife center and "hiked" the treetop trail, which is an elevated boardwalk with several cages, each housing birds of prey that cannot be released back into their natural habitat. Sophie had a lot of fun looking at the owls, hawks and vultures.

The park also has a man-made lake, which seems to be a nice destination for warmer days. I think we will go back and check it out in the spring for swimming. Sophie still had a lot of fun throwing sand into the lake and some other kids even went into the water. (American kids of course - no offend here, but American kids are definitely less sensitive to the cold than we are :)

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