Friday, November 1, 2013

Road trippin'

We went on our third road trip with our two little one's last week and I have to say, I was surprised on how well it went. Our first stop was Savannah, GA, which is about 400 miles (645 km) away from Birmingham. It took us about seven hours to get there and the girls did so well. No tears, no complaining! I think what really helps is that Alex' new company car allows me to sit in between the both of them on the back row. This way I can feed, read books and hold hands, if needed.

Savannah is beautiful. It felt really European. We had rented a 1-bedroom apartment via VRBO and loved it. It was right next to Forsyth Park, which has two really good playgrounds, a 5-minute walk from an organic grocery store and a really nice coffee place, all in all a perfect location.

We parked our car and walked everywhere. It was such a nice change to the usual "ihavetodriveeverywhereforever" in Alabama.  I think that also added to the European feel of the city.

After two days in Savannah, we jumped back into the car to drive another 2.5 hours to Charleston, SC. We stopped on Tybee Island on the way, which was pretty and laid back, but very cloudy that day.

Charleston was definitely my favorite part of the trip. We thought that it would be nicer to stay at the beach than in the city and chose a rental house at Folly beach. Unfortunately the house was pretty yucky. We switched to a condo, which was better but still not great... especially looking at what we had to pay for it. But all in all it worked out well, we were out and about almost all day anyway. Folly Beach has seen its best days already, the beach is nice, but we liked other places, like Isle of Palms, much better.

Charleston itself is a beautiful city! Again, very walkable and with all its palm trees it gave us an instant vacation feeling. We explored the city walking, ate good food and relaxed.

All in all a really nice trip. The people in Georgia and South Carolina were all very nice and welcoming. We will be back!

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