Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend reading...

We are getting ready for Omi's arrival!
My mom is coming this Sunday and will stay with us for the next four weeks. So exciting! Sophie and Ella will get to play with the real Omi and not with her Skype version, I will hopefully get more time to rest and do some stuff for myself, we will all explore Birmingham together and the best: Alex and me will have a date night or two (or three? :).

Happy weekend, everyone!

Most adorable diapers ever.
Drew Barrymore goes Walmart with Flower Beauty. I'm going to buy some of the products for a friend in Vienna who will test them for her cool blog about vegan cosmetic products. And I might test some of them myself. :)
Cool DIY project. Alex and me have been thinking about doing this for a while. Only need to find some good stumps..
Love these napkins. We usually use disposable one's from Ikea but I have been thinking about buying some cloth ones for a while.
Scary... that's why buying small and local is important.

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