Friday, December 13, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We finally got a tree this Tuesday! Sophie has been talking about nothing else in the last days, so Alex and I switched cars on Tuesday and I took the girls Christmas tree shopping.

That sounds romantic, right? Well, the reality looked like this: It was so cold that the girls had to stay in the car, they were screaming and I was running around like crazy, trying to find a tree that was not gigantic and did not cost 80 Dollars +. But we managed and the nice guys from the Boy scouts  mounted the tree to the roof of our car and off we went.

I decorated the tree last night while Sophie was in bed and she was sooo excited when she got up this morning. It took her at least half an hour to check all the ornaments and re-decorate. (grrrrrrrrr).

If you haven't already, you should read my blog post from last year, Christmas across continents,
which explains the differences between Christmas in Austria/Germany and the US. We have adapted quite a bit, as the pictures are showing. What makes me really sad is  that we are not going to take Santa pics this year. I know, I know,  they are cheesy, but I still love them and we have two with Sophie and none with Ella.

I had this, again romantic idea, that we would take one this year with both kids, but Sophie is REALLY scared of Santa, so it is not going to happen. I might take Ella alone, haven't finally decided yet.

Anyway, this is how the Holiday Season in our house looks like. I love it!


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