Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Pinterest moment

I am everything but crafty! You'll find me admiring pins on Pinterest of crafty things, but I am usually not able to re-create any of them. I simply lack the patience and time! Two weeks ago, however, things have changed. I have created something for the girls' rooms that is crafty and actually looks good. Ha!

Their rooms are painted in this brownish ugly color that screams anything but kids room. We cannot change the color since we are renting, so I thought some decoration that would bring color and life into their rooms would be a great way to improve them. I have been browsing Pinterest for a while and found several pins of garlands for kids rooms that I really liked.




With this inspiration in my head and my knowledgeable and crafty mom on my side, I took a short trip to the local Hobby Lobby store and within 10 minutes had the necessary supplies to create my own garlands. I opted for little felt hearts that were already pre-cut, red yarn and a needle to sew them together. The supplies were not expensive at all, around 20 US Dollars for both garlands. And here is what they look like.
Me likey! :)

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