Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

I had all these dreams and expectations on how our first Christmas in Alabama would be. The first Christmas for the two girls together. Sophie in total excitement because she was finally getting it this year. Ella's first Christmas ever. Everything was ready and then....boom. The flu hit us. Really hard. First Sophie got it, then Alex, then Ella and finally me. I haven't been this sick and worried in a long time. We, the adults, are still not fully recovered but much better.

And we finally got to celebrate Christmas on December 29. In the morning. Totally not as I had planned it. Alex still had a fever and so did Ella but we had set the presents out the night before (too optimistic!) so there was no turning back. Sophie did not care, she had a blast. She kept screaming: THANK YOU, NIKOLAUS! Our little global baby, confused about Nikolaus, Santa Claus and Christkind. :) 

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