Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend reading...

We had the coldest days in a long, long time this week. Minus 15 degrees Celsius!I am used to cold weather but you would not expect this in Alabama. Our water pipes were frozen! Luckily nothing burst and we are back to having water. Other than that, I can finally say that we feel healthy and alive again. I have been slowly going out this week and it feels good. Being at home for such a long time gives me the worst cabin fever. Me thinks it is time to plan another road trip...

Happy weekend, everyone!

PS And I am very happy to say that Ella is finally weaned and is now sleeping through the night. Yay to that. :) My baby is growing up!

If you are only a little bit like me, you will love these tips for being better organized. :)
A shoe for my wish list.
Cool online shop. Unfortunately in Canada...
Genius! Frozen dinner kits!
Love this list of books for kids around Sophie's age.

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