Friday, February 28, 2014

6 years...

Today marks my 6-year anniversary in the US as an expat (partner). WOW!

I and we as a family went through both, really hard and really good times. Met amazing people from all over the world. Found the one place in the world that will always have a very special place in my heart (yes, you PORTLAND) and grew tremendously through this process. Living thousands of kilometers from home, especially with two very young kids, can be really challenging. I have had a lot days where I cursed being an expat. But at the same time, I was given this rare opportunity to truly experience and live in a different culture and I am so grateful for it. The journey continues - we have 15 months left in the US.

I'll post some highlights in pictures in the next days. Let's start with the personal one's.

MBA Graduation

Obama speech in Portland during the Primaries

Mom-to-be: my babyshower for Sophie

Sophie, about an hour old.

I was pregnant with Ella for almost 41 weeks.

Ella, about twelve hours old.

Bringing Ella home.

La familia.

Highlights from our time in Oregon and Traveling all over the US are coming up soon. Also, if you have missed my post about my definition of Home, check it out.

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