Thursday, February 27, 2014

Only in America. A photo series. Part 9

Only in America do people celebrate their child's third birthday at a venue and not at home. I grew up with small birthday parties at home,"boring" games like "Hit the pot" and a traditional birthday cake. (Have no clue what "Hit the pot" is? Read more about it here.) But I loved it.

My child gets invitations to iJump and McWane Science Center. Parties cost at least $250 or more and you HAVE to invite all kids from preschool. 

Last Saturday we were at iJump: 90 minutes of jumping, pizza, pink cupcakes, ice cream, all served by a hostess.  Sophie loved it and screamed: "MOM, I want a party."

Yeah... I guess I need to find a venue for her third birthday in May. Or I will simply organize a traditional European party.    

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