Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekend reading....

Happy Valentine's Day!
I come from a culture where Valentine's Day is mostly ignored so it's fun to see how early the Valentine's gift giving starts in the US. Sophie has started preschool class a couple of weeks ago and this year is the first year that she and her little school friends will have a Valentine's Day party and exchange gifts. Panic mode for me, the clueless mom from Europe. I asked and looked around and finally found a cute (non candy) gift idea on Pinterest. :)

Alex and me will have an in-house date. We'll be making fondue once the kids are asleep and drink lots of Prosecco. What about you? Anything fun planned?
How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

Happy weekend!

I am obsessed with scarves, so of course I like this post about three new ways to to tie a scarf.

Do you love pho? If so you need to try this!

Speaking of food,Sophie and me made these scones yesterday and they are so yummy!

OMG! I so wanna go there this summer!

Brooks Wheelan's 1 second per day video made me smile. Looks like he had an amazing year!

Stunning b/w photography from India by Austrian photographer Josef Hoflehner.

Love this rug!

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