Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And we're back...

Wow. Exactly a month has passed since I last posted on the blog. Time flies when you're having fun. And we sure did!

I was a bit scared of flying alone with my two little cutie pies, but everything went WAY better than expected. It was tiring, of course, but we had zero drama (a rare case in our house) and they even slept on the plane. At the same time. For two and a half hours. Heaven. My mom met us in Frankfurt and so our layover and the last, short flight to Vienna was super easy. And the best thing: They did not have jetlag. Zero. I still don't know how that was even possible, but both slept really good from day 1.


It was so nice to be back home and introduce Ella to the family. (only my mom had met her before). Reconnecting with friends. Good food. Lots of good food. Probably too much good food. But so worth it! :)

I'm a believer that pictures say more than words ever can, so below are my favorites from our three and a half weeks in Vienna.


More photos from our time in Germany will follow soon. And, I did not forget about the photo series "Only in Vienna." More on this soon too.

I'm a bit surprised, but it also feels good to be back in Alabama. We missed the tornado by two days (thankfully) and came back to beautiful, warm summer weather. Went to the pool already and are getting back into our old routine..

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