Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend reading/listening...

TGIF! I'm happy that this week is over. The kids have been sick and sleeping AWFULLY! Or actually not sleeping. I'm exhausted. Thankfully, it's a long weekend in the US (Memorial Day) and the weather forecast is amazing. Now if only Alex and me would not have this stupid cold... Gr!

I'm sharing a mix of weekend reading and listening today. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Happy weekend, everyone and happy Memorial Day!

Love this song!
The cutest blog and such a tragic, sad story.
Super cute necklaces!
Travel guide for Nashville, where we'll soon go!

Another one from the Lumineers!

PS Excuse the format of my links. I'm blogging from the iPad today and have no clue how to make them "fancy" on here...anyone?
Nevermind, fixed it. :)

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