Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This weekend...

Gosh, I am so slow this week, it is Wednesday already and I'm writing about our weekend. Well better late than never, right?

Our weekend was great but VERY hot! My dear friend Julia had her babyshower on Saturday morning and I really enjoyed it. So many nice women and two hours away from the kids made for a relaxing morning. And this cake! Has anyone ever seen anything cuter?

We drove to Tuscaloosa in the afternoon to join Alex's employer's summer party. They had rented the whole Tuscaloosa amphitheater and sponsered concerts as well as food, drinks and a carnival. It was great but way too hot. Sophie loved it, Ella hated it.

We stayed for about an hour and thanks to the pretzels from Edelweiss our drive home (an hour) was good. Bribing with food always works! And no, we didn't eat them all, most of them are now in our freezer. :)

Sunday was a slow day, mostly spent at the water table. I scored it for free through our neighborhood Facebook resale page. The kids love it and it keeps them busy on hot days where we mostly stay at home because of the sun...

Hope your weekend was fund and relaxing as well!

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