Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update on the glamorous side of expat life...

We have been officially scorpion-free for over a month now! (I'll probably jinx it by saying/writing this...but whatever! ) For those of you who missed my rants about the scorpions in our house, here are some visual refreshers. 

We had several of these nasty little creatures in our house, dead, half-alive and very alive. You should ask Alex about the adrenaline rush of catching an alive scorpion and removing it out of the house. No fun! After talking to the pest control guy (not much you can do in terms of pest control as they are pretty tough little creatures) and investigating on their entry point/s we figured that they were probably coming through our bedroom windows in the master bedroom. A quick fix from my handy husband - duct tape on the windows - helped wonders. No more scorpions. And no more fresh air in the bedroom. Lovely.

See, expat life is totally glamorous! (Hint: There is irony in my voice!)

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