Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend reading/listening...

Since I was talking about childhood memories earlier this week, I chose another song that will always remind me of my mother and again, our summers in Istanbul, Turkey. I still know the lyrics by heart and I know that my sister does too. :)

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm exhausted and need a break!

I received my red pair of Saltwater Sandals yesterday and love them!

For my Austrian readers. I personally think that all the fuss about the national anthem is so unnecessary. I consider myself as a modern woman, but I personally do not care at all if women are included in the song text. Do you?

The Little Vikings makes the cutest necklaces for kids. I wanted to order one for Sophie, but they are always sold out immediately.

Such a cool photoshop experiment. Check out Vietnam (barely changed) and the US. (OMG!)

Not sure if I have shared Hello apparel before? Anyway, I am eyeing the red pullover and the floral TShirt for myself and they have so much cute stuff for the kids!

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