Monday, June 30, 2014

What's in your bag?

I loved a recent "What's in my bag" post on one of my favorite blogs, Your fonder heart, so much that I'm playing copy-cat and share what my bag holds. 

Somehow I have always wanted to take nerdy photos of the content of my purse. It's not a purse though, really it's a laptop bag/backpack that I turned into a giant diaper bag. It fits the purpose. On many days I have both kids and need a ton of stuff with me. The bag can be worn crossbody, backpack style or like a normal shoulder bag. I also have a strap that's long enough to fit across my double stroller. Perfection. (I still miss my Liebeskind purse a lot!)

Tada, here it is. I bought it at the Columbia Sportswear Outlet in Portland, Oregon and have used it for about fifteen months. I'm really happy with it. 

Since Sophie is in preschool today and our only outing so far was to drop her off, my bag is packed very light this morning.

Let's start with Ella's stuff. I should have packed an extra outfit too, but completely forgot. That happens quite often. Mommy brain, I guess....

I love, love, love this personalized diaper case made out of a sturdy felt material. A friend gave it to us and I also have one for Sophie with her name on it. I can fit several diapers, diaper rash cream and a travel changing pad in there.


It is super hot and sunny where we live, so I always carry one of the UB2 baby bonnets with me along with suncreen, which is not pictured. They are reversible, stay on (thanks to the chin strap) and are handmade in the US. Both girls have one and like them. We use them out on walks, at the pool, everywhere. A summer staple.

Ella drinks a lot of water and so I always carry her green sprouts water bottle with me. Some apple sauce for on the go snacking as well as a "nunu", a pacifier, just in case. :)

On to my stuff. I love my Liebeskind wallet. It looks a lot more worn/vintage than when I bought it (thanks to several water spills, wipes getting it wet and sticky toddler fingers) but I think that makes me love it even more. It has the perfect size and fits everything, even a passport if I need to take it along.

I have had this calendar from Quo vadis since 2008. I'm still a paper/pen planning type of girl and keep the yearly calendars as keepsakes. So many good memories!

And finally my lanyard. My mom bought this one for me when we were visiting in March. It's from Herzilien, a childrens boutique in Vienna, and I love everything about it. I added photos of my girls to it, so they are always with me.

And now I'm curious: what's in your bag?

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