Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day of preschol and the making of a Schultuete!

Yesterday was Sophie's first day at Preschool! Very exciting - for all of us. She had been home for almost two months in the transition phase from her old daycare to the new school and I think she was ready to go back out and learn, play and make new friends. She had a great first day, no tears at all. And she was happy and excited to go back today. This makes me especially happy since she usually has a hard time adjusting to new things. A sign that she is she is growing up, I guess. I didn't even got a hug today.

In Austria, my home country, and some other European countries there is a tradition of giving a Schultuete on the first day of school, usually starting in first grade.  It is filled with toys, sweets and school supplies. I love the tradition and made one for Sophie for her first day of preschool to give her an exciting and positive start and to compensate for the fact that I never got one, ha!

Here is how I made it:


I got a pink poster board and some pretty gift wrapping paper at Target, for a few dollars. I shaped the poster board into a cone and used clear tape to hold it together.

I then cut of the edges on top to give it a smooth line and wrapped my cone with the wrapping paper, again fixing it with clear tape. I'm sure you could also use some sort of glue.

I also got pink tissue paper at Target, took two pieces and put them together, again with - can you guess it? - clear tape. This way I got a bigger piece that I could put into my cone.

I stuffed the tissue paper into the cone, using two big, taped together pieces and glued it to the inside of my cone, so that it would stay in place and could hold Sophie's goodies.

Now I was able to fill it with goodies!

After all the goodies are inside, simple tie the tissue paper part with a ribbon.

She loved it!

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