Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekend reading...

The first week of preschool is over and it went fabulous! Not a single tear, Sophie simple loves her new school. Makes me sooo happy! She even told me that she likes the new school much better than the old one.

I still had a busy week, catching up on things and running errands. And then, Ella and I had this accident where her head hit my lip and now I'm bruised inside and out on my lip and will need to get my front teeth checked for tooth trauma on Monday... but other than that, a really good week.

No big plans for the weekend, we are experiencing a little heat wave and it is too hot for everything!

Happy weekend to you!

This is pretty sick!
I found this website while researching Knoxville, TN. They have some really nice city guides for all kinds of cities and countries.
This Crown Heights home is pretty special. As mentioned before, I love to look at how other people live.

   Love this!  (via)

A great blog, for all you German speakers out there.
The ice bucket challenge is all over the net these days, but this is the only video you need to watch.

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