Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We're back!

Our almost three-week long vacation was everything - a journey back in time, enlightening toward shaping our future, happy, wonderful, exhausting, sad.  A good combination of everything. Coming back was - as expected- hard. Life in Birmingham does not feel as easy and light as it used to in Portland or on Oahu. We knew that but still... well, 10 more months. The countdown is on, I guess. Things like scorpions greeting us (dead and alive - hey, I caught my first alive one yesterday - woohoo - well, Alex still had to remove it out of the house but I was brave enough to put a glass over it... ), the heat and the long driving distance, lack of good stuff to do, good restaurants (at normal prices), good ethnic food, Trader Joe's, New Seasons, etc. The list goes on. I know, these are not real problems... but still. Sometimes expat life is not easy. But that's good too and important, I guess.

Waiting to board our plane at Atlanta airport

Let's focus on the positive! We loved our stay in Portland! Our old home! Birthplace of our two girls! Sophie wanted to see the hospital where they were both born so we drove by and she got all excited. She wanted to go inside to see the doctors, nurses and newborn babies. She is so wonderful. Curious, sensitive and has a big, big heart. We had such a great time with old friends, eating good food, enjoying the Portland way of life. 

However, it  didn't feel like home any more, despite its greatness. It's been a year that we moved away and I think we are getting tired of the expat life and want to settle. I was unsure before we took this trip, going back and forth in my head whether I'm ready to move back to Germany or not...but after this trip I can say that the good news are: I am. I miss Europe and I want to be closer to my family. And it feels so good to have made that decision. Now I can use all my energy toward planning our move and new life in Stuttgart mid next year.

More on our wonderful trip to Oahu (and pictures) soon!

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