Friday, September 5, 2014

I take a walk.

When Sophie was little, I used to take her on these endless long walks. I would take my iPod with me, listened to beautiful music and walked with her for up to two hours straight from our house in Portland, Oregon while she took a nap. We had parks, a grocery store and a coffee shop/bakery in walking distance. It was pure heaven!

When Ella was born, Sophie was at an age where she hated going for walks (no stroller sitting and no walking either.. sigh) and we did not take as many walks anymore. We went to the playground instead, Ella usually strapped in my Ergo. I already missed the walks and our quiet time then.

But then, last summer, things got worse in terms of walking. We moved to one of the most in-walkable areas I can imagine: Alabama. Everyone drives. Everywhere. It sucks so bad, I can't tell you. The walk score for Hoover is 16!!!! (my old home town of Vienna, Austria has a walk score of 100, Portland, Oregon has 63 and Stuttgart, Germany has 98, so 16 is hard for me!) To buy milk or regular groceries, I have to drive for about fifteen minutes, one-way. No more walking to a coffee shop or smaller grocery store.

On top of that Sophie is still at an age where she thinks that walking is boring, she would rather go to the pool or the playground, both a three-minute walk away from our house. (yes, she can manage that. sometimes.)

Her starting preschool has changed a lot though. I have more time alone with Ella and since we are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with both, sidewalks and trails (rare in Alabama), I FINALLY get to walk again. Best thing: Ella loves it!



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