Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What we did last weekend

The days are getting slightly cooler and we try to go out and explore more. I think our days at the pool are over and I'm excited to explore more of Birmingham. Last Saturday, we went out to Crestline Village to walk around a bit and get one of our favorite treats, Steel City Pops, at the beautiful Pantry.
Football season has started, so Saturday seemed like a sleepy Sunday, the streets and shops were empty, with everyone watching the game. We had a great time, having the space all to ourselves.

Ella has been sleeping poorly, as usual, waking up very, very early on Sunday morning. So I strapped her in the Ergo and took a walk with her, shortly after 5am. The air was cool and I enjoyed it, to my surprise. I came across a Hoover Police officer who was driving patrol in the neighborhood (we had a lot of break-ins recently) who checked what I was doing and was (pleasently, I hope) surprised that it was just a mom and her baby walking in the wee morning hours.  And we saw the sunrise. Sorry for the blurry pics.

Later that day, Ella tried out Sophie's balance bike and Sophie realized that throwing her shoe out of the car the day before (w/o us parents noticing) was probably not a good idea. Only one pink, beloved shoe left.

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