Wednesday, October 22, 2014


"Im a big girl now. Look at me, how much I have grown up!"

That's what we keep hearing from our preschooler every day. Sophie started preschool mid August and she couldn't be happier about it. A big change and surprise to me. We started her in a toddler program in Portland for two days per week when she was twenty months old. I was already seven months pregnant with Ella and needed a bit of a break to be honest. She loved it there, for the most part. BUT she would almost always give me a hard time when saying our goodbyes. Lots of tears and clinging to me. The teachers assured me that it was normal for her age and that she stopped crying immediately after I left but I hated it. It made me feel bad, especially because I was not working. The tears continued after our move to Birmingham and her new daycare. She would always be very happy when I picked her up, telling me about her friends and how much she loved it there but cried almost every time I dropped her off.

So I was prepared for lots of tears in her new school. But no, not at all. She is happy when I drop her off and happy when I pick her up. AMAZING!

Sophie is an independent little girl and the program totally caters to that. She learns French (10 minutes every day), has a PE teacher that takes them to the gym every day, takes dance classes once per week and they also spent time outside on the playground or in their garden every day. She has made several friends already and we are so happy that we found this school!

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