Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend reading...

Wow, October is almost over and Halloween is only a week away. The weeks are, as usual, just flying by. My mom has arrived last Sunday and we are having a good time, enjoying her company a lot. Sophie wakes up in the morning and asks about OMI! immediately. :)

We went to the Kentuck Festival of the Arts last weekend and I still wanted to share a few pictures. It was quite the drive from Birmingham (about an hour) but we really enjoyed it. Beautiful fall weather, lots of crafts for the kids and great live music. You should check it out next year if you haven't and happen to live in this area of the world.

Have a wonderful fall weekend, wherever you are!

For my readers in Austria - how cute are these Nikolo bags? I will definitely get some when we are back in Europe!
Really old dogs - a really sweet photo series!
Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?
Cookbooks on my wishlist: Pok Pok, The Slanted Door and Jerusalem.

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