Friday, November 14, 2014

Florida and happy weekend!

We are back from our Florida girls only road trip and had a really good time. Ok, it was exhausting too, especially the 4.5 hours drive down to the beach, BUT so worth it. We went to Santa Rosa Beach this time, which has the same beautiful beach as Destin but is less crowded. We loved it! Of course we also took a trip to Seaside to check out the small shops and have coffee. Ella HATED the beach this time, we had to carry her around or she had to sit on someone's lap, but Sophie LOVED it as usual.

We will hopefully be back one more time before we move back to Europe!

Omi is leaving tomorrow, so it's going to be a sad weekend for us...I hate goodbyes, but knowing that this one is the last on on American soil makes it easier, we will be so much closer so soon!

I have no weekend reading to share this week, but am sharing some pics from our trip instead and am wishing you all a very happy and relaxed weekend!

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