Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend reading...

Hello November! We are still enjoying some sunny days, but it has cooled off quite a bit! Omi is still in town and we are HOPING that we can go to Florida this Sunday, as planned. She unfortunately caught one of the famous Alabama stomach bugs... so cross your fingers for us, please.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you are all healthy and happy!

The Christmas countdown is on: here are some really nice DIY gift ideas.
Great article in the NY Times: What kids around the world eat for breakfast. Mine eat oats with milk and peanut butter & jelly bread, typically.
These look so yummy!
I love Kathleen Whitaker's pieces! The staple studs are on my wishlist for my birthday!
Love these advent calendars as an alternative to the typical chocolate one's!
Can't wait for this cookbook!
Radically different ways humans work around the world - an interesting photography competition!

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