Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend reading....

November is almost coming to an end and the countdown for our move back to Europe is definitely on! About six more months - wow! It keeps my mind busy these days, I'm telling you. So much to think about, decide and organize. But exciting too, as every move has been so far.

No big plans for this weekend, we will spend some family quality time, that's all. Sophie is a bit sick, so I think we'll take it easy. What about you?

She looked so cute with pigtails, but since she never kept the hair ties in, the hair had to go - schnipp schnapp and good bye. :)

How babies used to fly on airplanes.
Trying a version of this chili recipe this weekend.
Amazing amateur photographs of the foxes of Chukotka, in the Far East of Russia.
Before you head out to buy new clothes next time, read this: We buy too much clothes!
A new blog on my personal reading list.
You might have already read about the crazy snow storm in Buffalo, NY last week, but you must see these photos! Crazy!

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