Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend reading...

This week was a tough one - both kids have been sick and home and there was not a lot of breathing room for me. Still, I really enjoy the two of them these days. They play so well together (with some cat fighting here and there) and are getting more and more independent. I remember waking up and dreading the days (I know, that does sound bad, but every mom of two little one's so close together in age will relate, I'm sure) with both of them at home but now I am really looking forward to the day, at least on most days. A nice change!

Anyway, I am wishing you a wonderful weekend, filled with fun pre-Christmas activities, smiling faces and lots of love!

Took this picture in Watercolor, Florida. So peaceful!

Meet Tippi, a real life Mowgli living in Africa. Such beautiful photos.
Traveling soon? These hacks could be helpful!
A migration map of the US since 1900. Really interesting!
No rocket science but a good plan to de-clutter and organize your home.
Have to try this!
Photographers: are you familiar with all six types of photos every photographer should know?
Loved this article for all dads of daughters. A must read.

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