Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekend reading...

It's mid December, can you believe it? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am, thankfully. Or should I say thanks to online shopping. I couldn't have done it without it. Ella is a good shopper, thankfully but most of the shope did not carry what I needed so I ended up ordering everything online...

Hope you'll have a great weekend. Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs for you! Barenaked Ladies feat Sarah McLachlan "God rest ye merry gentlemen"

This house is in Homewood, right opposite the place where I take music classes with Ella. I call it the crazy Christmas house. It's insane! Also, can you spy my car?

I stumpled upon this cute shop last week. They are located in California but have an online shop as well.

The Kitchn is my favorite place for recipes online. Everything that I have tried so far tasted amazing: Split Pea, Chili, Gingerbread Cookies just to name a few.

Another cool shop: Bridge and Burn, located in Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately only for my German-speaking readers: this song made me laugh out loud. The text is just brilliant.

Amazing photography!

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