Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend reading..

Christmas is almost here! A cheerful thought for those of us who have all their stuff ready but probably a stressful one for the ones who will still need to race around town to get some last-minute things. I hope you belong to the first group!
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Creative Live
sounds like a fun platform!
I love Boston Globe's BIG PICTURE blog, especially this & this photo series of 2014.
We'll be making French toast for the first time this weekend because one special little girl has been requesting it the whole week. As usual, I have been consulting my favorite recipe source aka The Kitchn.
These Paintbrush Portraits are so cool!
Very cool DIY project. Upcycled vintage plates.
Everyone is raving about this lip salve. Have you tried it yet?
My kids would go nuts on this plane!

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