Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend reading...

The sun is out, it's Friday and Alex has finally had the go-live of his work project this week so I am looking forward to a sunny weekend with lots of family time. The girls have missed their daddy a lot and Sophie said all the way to preschool today: Daddy will be home to read a story tonight - yaaaaaay! So sweet.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

The Alabama sign of the Alabama Theater reminds me so much of the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall in Portland, OR. Both so beautiful!

I love David Sedaris writing style. He writes for The New Yorker. Go, check him out!

I know, the holidays are over but this is a really neat collection on what kind of traditions different families have for the holidays. My favorite: "each of the children has their own wrapping paper."

A lot of us take photos with Instagram but have you ever thought about having them printed? Here are several ways to do it. I am going to order a Chatbook of my favorite 2014 pics because I have heard good things about them. Will let you know how I like the result.

"36 questions that will lead to love" - sounds promising, right? I also think that they are fun to ask your existing partner because there is always something new to discover.

I really want to try this recipe. You usually can't go wrong with recipes from The Kitchn.

I read The Fault in our Stars in less than a week and now I really want to see the movie. Such a beautiful, yet sad story.

Speaking of movies, Alex and I finally watched 12 years a slave and loved it. It was hard to watch though but very much worth it. It had me in tears and made me so angry... I will never understand how a person can treat others so inhumanly and why racism is still a topic these days. Makes me sad.

I follow her on Instagram and have to say that Jessica Shyba's naptime pictures are really adorable.

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