Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend reading...

It's finally Friday. This week has been a tough one for me. Ella's sleep or better said non-sleep has reached an all time high and I am a wreck, only functioning on coffee. Alex and me had to finally admit that she is tougher and stronger than us. Letting her cry it out did not work at all. So no idea how we will solve the no-sleep problem. But no, I don't want to hear any sleeping tips. I have heard and read enough and I believe that every child is different and we will find a way to solve this somehow. Anyway, I am ready for the weekend. No big plans so far, just the faint hope for more sleep and relaxation.

Happy weekend!

My favorite picture of this week. Pure joy in their faces. Love them!

Pollution in China - powerful pictures!

More interesting photographs, this time macro photos of snails and bugs.
Not that I would eat at McDonald's anyway, but the long list of ingredients should make them less appealing to everyone.

Love this midcentury home in Portland, Oregon.

Every couple has their problems. A good reminder that we all have problems and no one is perfect.

Saw this at the kids section of the Birmingham Art Museum today and am so getting it for Sophie. What a great toy!

Such a fun ring from Betsy and Iya.

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