Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where to start?

The move is about four months away. FOUR! Time is flying and I'm panicking to be honest. Nothing is organized yet, absolutely nothing. We need to book a flight soon and organize the moving date with the moving company but we still DON'T have:
  • a new home in Stuttgart
  • preschool spots for the girls (despite applying at what feels every Montessori school in the Stuttgart area)
  • a buyer for my car and tons of other stuff that we won't take with us
  • a neatly organized home that is ready to be packed (I don't think we will ever get to this point)
  • finished our shopping list (yes, it is really so much cheaper to buy stuff in the US, so we need to take advantage of that as long as we still can..)
This pic was taken on the day the movers delivered our stuff to the house in Birmingham. And then they left. It took us six months to put everything together and away. A two-year old and a four-month old did not help this situation.... ;)

CHAOS! And don't think that we haven't been in this situation before.. so truly, we should be experts in managing this chaos, but I feel we are not.  When we moved to Portland from Europe we didn't have a home there. Poor Alex had to stay in a hotel room for six weeks before he finally found a condo for us. (I was still working in Vienna..) We only found out about two months before we moved to Alabama that we will move to Alabama and not to Stuttgart, Germany and had a two-month old and a two-year old when we did. I remember the day the movers showed up at our house in PDX and I was like: "Please, start downstairs, I still need to pack the suitcases!"  And I frantically started throwing random pieces of clothing into suitcases. It was hysterical.

But you know what? Now that I'm thinking about it... it always worked out somehow. So I'm hoping it will this time as well.

But just in case that you know someone who is looking for a well-cared for VW Golf TDI, please let me know. :)

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