Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy weekend!

No weekend reading this week because honestly, I did not have time to read a lot this week. Alex was home sick, we had a snow day on Wednesday (with almost no snow, unfortunately) and school opened late twice this week due to the weather... combined with running errands and organizing things it felt like almost no me-time this week at all. Hopefully next week will be better. I feel a bit drained..

I still want to share photos from last weekend. Maya, Sophie's best friend from preschool, turned four and we celebrated her at the zoo on Saturday. Lukas, Sophie's other best friend who lives 5 minutes walking distance from us (and is half-Austrian as well :) turned three and we celebrated him at their house on Sunday. The kids (and the grown-ups too!) had a blast.

Will post more next week, promised.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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