Thursday, February 19, 2015

Road Trippin'

Alex and I have always loved road trips. Yes, it might be much easier to hop on a plane and fly somewhere but there is something about taking more time to get to a place. With two kids, road trips are of course not as easy as they used to be. They require a lot more planning (no more "let's just sleep in any motel along the way once we're too tired to drive anymore"), more entertainment and definitely more food. And you can't drive for ten hours per day, as we did sometimes in the past.

With our move coming up and some vacation time left, we decided to take a longer road trip, kind of like a farewell tour. Now, we said goodbye to Oregon and Hawaii (my two favorite states in the US) in July already, so we are heading east this time to explore some new spots and visit one of my favorite cities: New York, New York.

I'm still in the planning phase, but the trip will look something like this:

Smokey Mountains (NC side), Asheville,NC,  Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, PN,  Virginia Beach, VA, Outer Banks, Charlotte, NC and whatever we can find along the way. If you have any favorites along this route - places to visit, eat, sleep - let me know. :)

PS This sounds like a cool road trip playlist!

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