Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sorry for the long silence but I had an eventful last week. Not the kind of events I was hoping for though.. 

I woke up Wednesday morning with an index finger double its normal size on my right hand that I could barely move. My hand had been hurting for a while, so I tried to put some anti inflammatory cream on it but it didn't help at all and resulted into a trip to emergency care on Thursday morning. On my way there, while trying to get both kids in the car, on time, the usual hectic in the am, I also hit the door on my finger. Yes, that same index finger that was already hurting as hell. Now it was not only swollen and stiff but also bleeding with an open wound. Yay. I did what every mom would do: pretend that nothing happened, put a band aid on it and drove Sophie to preschool and straight to emergency care after that. With Ella of course, because I had no one to watch her. Doctor Lovely (I'm not kidding!) was able to see me right away and decided after x rays and what not that my joints where inflamed and that I would need to wear this little metal thing on my finger for at least two weeks plus some meds and a tetanus shot. Boooo! 

But that wasn't all. Friday morning, I woke up barely able to move my left arm (thank you, tetanus shot!), my right finger hurting and all of a sudden I had a terrible head cold as well. WTF? I am still trying to fully recover but today is the first day I finally feel a little bit better. That's all from me, writing still hurts.

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