Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend reading...

It's finally Friday and we are all feeling well again. Just in time for the weekend! :) Two birthday parties are on the calendar and I'm looking forward to both. It seems that all of Sophie's friends have their birthday in February. Other than that not much planned, some more sorting through things (I have a feeling this will never end) and some (most likely online) shopping.
Have a great weekend!
Took this one about a week ago in our favorite park: Homewood Central Park
Pure joy in her face - love it! This is what childhood is all about, don't you think?

I love Betsy & Iya, a Portland-based jewelry maker. I have been looking at their bracelet cuffs for a while now and can't decide between the St. Johns Bridge and the Fremont Bridge. But I know, that I want to get one of them before we leave. Portand Keepsakes, you can't have enough of them.

Amazing flow-motion time lapse from Dubai.

And this squirrel photo shoot is simply adorable!

While searching for accommodations for our upcoming road trip, I came across this page. Kid-friendly rentals, almost all of them look amazing but they also come at a hefty pricepoint.

And because I talked about not getting enough of Portland keepsakes earlier, here are a few other cool ones: Pendelton wool shams, Stumptown Mugs and Tanner Goods single wristband.

Are you following Dwell already? I mean.. I want to live in all of these houses, apartments, whatsoever. AMAZING

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