Friday, March 13, 2015

Birmingham Breadworks

It must be my Austrian genes but I really love a good bread. When we moved to Oregon, we were amazed by the abundance of great bread. There are so many good artisan bakeries out there, we never missed our breads from back home. But moving to Alabama was difficult, bread-wise. There are a few bakeries here but their bread was way overpriced, didn't taste great and was very often not even fresh. So we started baking our own bread. Awesome in a way, but also a lot of work.

Now, Birmingham Breadworks is a whole different story. I had tried Corey's bread at the Pepper Place farmer's market before and was thrilled to see that he and his business partner opened their own bakery. My favorite is the dark rye! It's a bread that feels like home to me and I am amazed how good theirs taste. Just like back home in Austria.

The pastries are yummy too and so is the French baguette. Haven't tried the other breads but I am sure I will be back. Oh and have I mentioned the space? Breadworks is located in an old antique store in historic Southside. Very spacious and a very cool space. Great to take the little one's too. The only downside: the price of the breads! But at least you get really good quality and amazing taste.

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