Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekend reading...

Finally! I found time to write a new weekend reading post. You'll have to excuse the infrequent blog posts but my weeks are pretty crazy and it's hard to find time to sit down and write.

Anyway, this week was filled with fun (playdates, park outings and warm weather) and not so much fun activities. (major water leak in our front yard resulting in no running water for a day, looking at temporary housing options in Birmingham for after we move out of the house, running stupid errands) It was busy and I'm guessing the next weeks will get even busier.

Looking forward to the weekend. I'm volunteering at the Elvis Ball tomorrow. It's a fun fundraiser for Sophie's school that we love and will miss so much. And we will finally get to spend more time with Alex, whom we hardly see during the week, or at least the girls hardly see him... they usually go to bed when he comes home and see him for a few minutes in the morning.

Have a fun weekend!

Homewood Park, which is really close to Sophie's preschool is our favorite! Good times!

Putting this exhibit on our long, long list for things to do while in NYC.

Cute, casual dresses, not only for moms! This and this one are my favorites!

Great resource if you're children are going to a Montessori school or you want to do Montessori at home: Living Montessori Now.

Mike Brodie is a pretty cool photographer!

Another dress that I really like!

Saving this for our roadtrip in April. Chicago is on the list!

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