Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ella is two!

Ella, who in my head is still "the baby", all of a sudden turned two! Time is flying by so fast, some days I just want to stop it.

We celebrated as a family of four on her birthday with pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, story time with friends at the Homewood library and cupcakes at home in the afternoon. And we had her little friends over for a party at our house the following Sunday. Eleven kids, their parents coming from seven different nations: Austria, Germany, France, Bulgaria, USA, New Zealand and Nepal. Global babies, and all have a US passport. We had a great time and I can say one thing: Ella clearly enjoyed all the attention.

What sucked was that the families, as usual, couldn't join the celebration. The price you pay for expat life...

Happy birthday, Ella Bella, we love you so much!

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