Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Almost there...

The last few days have been flying by so fast, with so much going on! 

We sold my car, shipped Alex car to Charlotte, NC ( it will go on a ship to Germany this week...) moved out of our house about a week ago, spent several days getting the house back into shape ( our kids looove to scribble on walls...grrr!), then Sophie turned four this Sunday and we celebrated her at the pool with all her friends. And we handed the keys to the house back to the owner yesterday. 

My key ring is empty: no house keys, no car keys. Only keys to the rental apartment and rental car. It feels weird and there is a bit of an emptiness inside me right now. 

As you can see on the pictures, Sophie was not present during the move. She was at preschool and I am honestly happy that it all played out that way. She was really excited about the move when we first told her but has been really stressed about it lately. 

She keeps asking: 
"So, when are we coming back? What about my friends, mommy? When will I see them again?"

It does break my heart. That's probably why I always end up crying some tears at school. She is so happy there and loves her friends and teachers...But then I also know that she is 4 and will most likely adjust to the new situation more quickly than I will, because kids her age are just so adaptable. 

I'll close this post with a few happy pictures from her pool party this Sunday and from a girls night out with my girl friends.
3 more days....

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