Saturday, June 6, 2015

May recap Part 2...

The last week in Birmingham was full of goodbyes, emotions and tears. But when the day of our departure arrived I was surprisingly calm and relaxed. Maybe because the waiting game in the apartment was finally over and we were all ready to leave and start our new adventure. 

Our girls are amazing travelers, I am so proud of them. They love an adventure and were both happy and excited when we drove to Birmingham airport. We left Birmingham on a quiet Saturday morning and everything went very smoothly. Even the six! hour layover in Atlanta wasn't that bad. And the flight from Atlanta to Stuttgart went well too. Well, show me a toddler who wouldn't like the thought of watching Frozen and My little Pony while being served pasta, bread and ice cream. :)

When we finally arrived in Stuttgart we were surprised by these guys! They had champagne, strawberries, muffins, snacks for our girls to take home, toys for the girls to borrow until our stuff arrives, balloons and most important smiles and hugs for us. We met them all in Portland, Oregon while being expats years ago but they had already returned to Germany a while ago. I think they all still remembered how weird it feels to come back and wanted to give us a warm welcome. So sweet! It made coming back really so much nicer.

And when we entered our new house, we found more surprises. More toys for the girls, yummy food, champagne and welcome signs from another Ex-Portland friend. So nice!

All in all a good start! We still don't feel "at home" and I think it will still take a while. But we are adjusting well. Our furniture should be arriving in about two weeks, my cell phone will hopefully get to me sometime next week and I should be getting my car beginning of July. That will all help a lot!

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