Monday, June 1, 2015

We made it! ( plus part 1 of the May-recap...)

Excuse the silence but life was too busy to write. Most important, we all made it safe and sound to Germany! What a month May was! Crazy!

It all went by so fast! We moved out of our house on May 12, a day later than originally planned. Why you ask? Well, the movers simply did not show up on the day they had promised so there was no reason for us to leave the house. That did not give a great first impression, but the move went smoothly and very professional, at least from what we can tell until now. We hope that we won't see as much damage as last time when it will be time to unpack...

Ella had a blast while the movers were packing. Her age is awesome for moving. She finds almost everything exciting and won't ask why things are happening. Sophie, on the other hand, had a far more difficult time and thus was not present during the move. She was at preschool and I took the girls to the corporate housing apartment after school to spare her the drama of seeing her toys being put in boxes and a huge sea freight container.  She asked a ton of questions and was very unhappy, especially in the first days after we moved into the apartment.

"Why are we here?" 
"Why can't we go back to the house?" "I hate it here!"
"Why do we have to move to Germany? When are we coming back?"

My heart broke so often during these twelve days in the apartment. It's all good now and she got really excited shortly before we left, especially about the fact that everyone speaks German in Germany. But seeing your child in discomfort, one that you are causing her, is never fun. Clearly a negative side of expat life....but there are soo many positive sides too!

Sophie also turned 4 in May. A few days after we had sent all our stuff off to Germany. A stressful time but we threw her a big pool party nevertheless. She loves the pool and was so excited to turn 4. 
'I'm a big girl, mom! "
She sure is, almost too big already. Why do they have to grow up so damn fast?

After her party, we had a full week left before it was time to say good bye. I hate it. I have done it several times now but it doesn't get easier. I am a people person and if I like someone, I want to hold on to them. Sure, we'll stay in touch and will do everything possible to meet again, somewhere, somehow, but it will never ever be the same way again because we won't live in the same neighborhood or city. And that hurts. 

The beautiful ladies come from Nepal, Austria, the US and New Zealand. I'm so thankful for their friendship and miss them a lot already!

More on leaving, the trip and arriving in part 2 of the May recap.

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