Thursday, August 27, 2015

A month in Austria

As mentioned in my earlier post, the girls and I spent almost a month in Austria and it was so good to reconnect with friends from Birmingham (yes!), family and old friends. Vienna is such a beautiful city, especially in the summer. This summer was unusally hot, almost reminded me of Alabama summers.

A few visual impressions because pictures always say more than words.

Meeting Lukas, Anna-Sophie and Julia, our Austro-American (almost) neighbors and friends from Birmingham in Linz, our first stop in Austria

HOME! The view from my mom's apartment, the place I grew up.

We got to spend a day in Vienna with Jyotshana, Gopal and Maya. Sophie's best friend from her preschool in Birmingham!

My mom broke two middlebones on her foot and three toes. Not so much fun. But the kids appreciated the canvas space. Sophie drawing a "funny face" on this picture.

I finally got to meet and old friend and her boys for the first time! We took the kids to a Bauernhof, a farm, where you can feed and pet farm animals. Something you find everywhere in Europe and one of Sophie's favorite activities. My little animal lover.

And we finally got to meet "baby" Moritz who is not a baby anymore! And so cute!

IKEA trip to buy my mom a chair to help her move around with her broken foot.

And then daddy came to visit us in Vienna. Lunch @ Neni am Naschmarkt.

As the Austrians say " Wien ist anders!"

Fun times at MQ Vienna, one of my favorite places in the city.

Alex and I got to go on a date night!

Reconnecting with my good friend Johanna and her cute daugther at the beautiful zoo in Vienna.

No better playground than Poetzi-park, I used to play there when I was little.

My friend Nina was with me when I met Alex years ago in Turkey on vacation. We met her and her cute kids as well.

Quality time with their aunt/my sister at the old Danube !

Vienna by night - girls night out with Andrea

And we finally got to meet my friend Ulli's twin girls in St. Gilgen. I hadn't seen her since she visited us in Portland in 2009. So good to reconnect!

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