Thursday, September 24, 2015

A new chapter

This mama is really happy because both girls had a really great start in preschool!

One of the main differences between preschool in the US and Germany is that the Germans have a so-called "Eingewoehnungsphase", a transition period,  when a child starts a new school. Parents stay with their kids in the first days or weeks, depending on the child and help them with transitioning into this new chapter.

Sophie has been in preschool since she was 20 months old and this is her fourth preschool (sigh...) so I knew that she would have an easier time with transitioning into a new school. Ella and I stayed with her for a few hours on day one and she was good to go all by herself on day two. Total success. She already has a new boyfriend, haha. No surprise!

With Ella I was a little bit more nervous. How would she react? This is her first time at a preschool, her first time away from mom. But then again, she is this very independent, stubborn, feisty little person, so she'll probably be totally fine without me.  And that was exactly what happened! She was very excited when she woke up on the morning of her first day. "Kindergarli gehen heute, Mama?"/ "Preschool today, Mama?"

When we got there she was the first one at the door! I stayed with her on day one but was allowed to leave her on day two for a few hours. And on day three she stayed all by herself and loved it. But she was also happy to see me and her first words were: "Ich lieb dich, Mama!/"I love you, Mama!"

My baby is growing up! 

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