Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More than four months in Germany...

It's been four months that we moved to Germany. It almost seems longer, probably because whenever big things happen, you get the feeling that more time has passed because you were so busy re-organizing your life.

I think we have adjusted well so far. The girls are at a good age for moving, especially Ella. She still recognizes people from photos ("MAYA, MAYA, CHRISTIAN, CHRISTIAN, LUKAS, LUKAS, BABY ANNNNNA!!" :) but never asks about Birmingham. She probably doesn't even know where Birmingham is. Home is wherever Mom, Dad and Sophie are. It's that simple. She has adjusted food-wise as well. She used to love pancakes with bacon for breakfast, an all American girl. Now it's Semmel with lala (bread rolls with apricot jam from Austria) or pretzels. And Leberkaese and Wuerstel (meat loaf and sausages) are a new favorite too. She loves her preschool, which is her first one and is already starting to take on some German German words:

"Nein Mama, nicht Haube, Muetze!"

Explanation for my non-German speaking readers: the Germans use a different word for hat (Muetze) than the Austrians (Haube). And there are a ton of other words that are slightly different. It does hurt my kids will speak German German. I still try to sneak in as many Austrian words as possible, I just can't help it. :)

Sophie, on the other hand, goes through phases. She is either totally excited about Germany or has days where everything is "bloed!/stupid!". Now that she has started preschool here, she is talking more and more about her old school in Birmingham. Her teachers, her friends. She misses them. But it's not only school and friends that are missing. The other day she said: "Mom, the grocery stores in Germany are ugly. I miss Whole Foods and the free lollypops. And the grocery carts with the cars. I miss the hot weather and the pool." I can't blame her for that. :)

And then there is us grown-ups. It is so hard to start all over again! And to be really honest, I am a bit sick of it. I still don't feel these roots growing but that might also be because we know that we will move in the next two years again! Only within the area but still... The house in which we are currently staying at is not ours, we are renting it from friends who moved to the US temporarily as well. So we are out there, apartment/house hunting several times a week and it's tiring. But I am excited to finally find a place of our own. A family home that will stay our home. Not just temporarily.

Now that the girls are finally in preschool and love it, I will have a bit more time (five hours three times a week -so really only a bit) to myself and to focus on what I want to do with my professional life. I love being a mom but I have been feeling the itch to go back to work for a quite a while now and I am excited to start looking more and more into it.

Lots and lots on our plates. It will continue to be interesting.

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