Monday, November 9, 2015

A little over 6 weeks until Christmas...

... and I'm trying to stay ahead of the game! I've been starting to collect ideas for Christmas presents for the girls, some are already bought and some are just ideas that I'm collecting for the grandparents, aunt and uncle. Anyway, I thought I'll share them with you, maybe some would work for your kids as well. Remember, time is flying. :)

Ideas for Ella

Mix and Match

This is such a cute game! You can mix and match funny people/animals/robots/superheroes/whatever. I used to have one like that when I was little and still remember playing with it. Also, this, as almost all of my ideas, will also work for Sophie. The positive side effect of having two girls less than two years apart. 

A no-brainer, wooden puzzles are always a hit and this one helps them practice the ABC. Perfect!

DUKTIG Gemüse, 14 Teile
We just got a play shop for the kids and are lacking food items, a cashier machine etc for them to really play with it. Ikea has a great selection, at really great prices too.

Audio books are a big hit with the girls right now. Ella especially loves Leo Lausemaus. 

Whenever Ella sees a "choo choo" she gets really excited so we are thinking of getting her a small set. Either the Brio one or the one from Ikea.

Ideas for Sophie

A new skirt for my girly girl. :)

More items for the playstore. We will get two of these baskets, one for each of the girls.

DUKTIG Spielzeugkasse  Kinder können damit Einkaufen spielen und erfahren gleichzeitig mehr über das Rechnen und den Umgang mit Geld.
A cashier machine with playmoney from Ikea. Big plus: it doesn't need batteries, it's solar operated. Love!


Sophie is totally into Aristocats, although she has never seen the movie. She got the small white cat as a present from a good friend in Birmingham (Sophie calls her Katarita :) who always sleeps with her and she dreams about flying out to Paris to visit the cats. So the audiobook is a must.

The Elsa madness is still going strong in this house and Sophie really wants a dress with a cape. Or a cape to go with the dress she already has. But of course capes are really hard to find w/o a dress. So I haven't decided what to do with this one..

Not on this list: all the make-up, nail polish, lipgloss and "glitzer-flitzer" (her expression for everything sparkly) Sophie wants. We'll see what we'll do about that. :)

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