Monday, November 16, 2015

Fantastic November

I'll be honest with you: after those two last years in hot and humid Alabama where the summers basically last from April 'til November, I was scared to come back to Germany for its weather alone. Summers here are often rainy, fall is gray and the winters cold. This year, maybe it's just an exception to the rule, has been gorgeous so far! The summer was full of sunshine and it was really warm. Fall had a few gray weeks but we had lots of sunshine and up to 20 degrees Celsius/ 68 Fahrenheit in the last weeks. Just beautiful. We took a walk in the vineyards surrounding our new house a couple weekends ago and I thought I'll share the pictures. Fantastic fall!

The pictures of Sophie above and of Sophie and Alex below were both taken by Ella btw. Her first trial with my camera and she seems to have talent!

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