Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween in Germany

It was our first Halloween celebration in Germany this year and I must say, I was positively surprised. Halloween does not have the same history here as it does in the US and has only become more popular in recent years. When I was little, no one knew about Halloween. The girls, of course, were spoiled by the last years of celebrating in the US and it was unthinkable to skip it this year. Sophie ran around her preschool screaming "Happy Halloween" when I picked her up last Friday and her teachers told me that she told them all about "trick or treat", which is called "Suesses oder Saures" in Germany.

The kids dressed up in costumes that we still had from previous years. Well, actually only one of them wore a costume. Ella, in the midst of her terrible twos, refused to wear the Cinderella costume that she insisted on wearing earlier that day because it was all of a sudden too small (not true) and sooo itchy. So she wore her beloved Hello Kitty tights, a tutu and a butterfly tee. Kind of like a Hello Kitty butterfly fairy with no wings. Lol. She was happy, that's all that matters anyway. Sophie wanted to wear her sleeping beauty dress again, but mixed it up with a witch hat. So she was a "witchy princess."

And of course, we did bake the witch fingers again, which have become our family Halloween tradition. This year both girls helped for the first time and while it did cost me all my nerves and energy, they had a blast. The outcome was great too. And they really do taste good.

Halloween night, we celebrated with friends, who also used to live in the US and have two girls a little older than our girls. They had invited a group of kids and so it was seven kids between the age of 2 1/2 and 6 who went out for trick or treat. That alone was so much!

Witch meets a black cat on Halloween night. :)

The houses were mostly not at all decorated and there were only a few that had a light on outside or placed a pumpkin in front of their doors. However, we also rang the doorbell at a few houses that had no visible "we participate in the celebration of Halloween" sign outside and the one's that did open their door gave us everything they could find in their pantry. One lovely lady handed Sophie a 300gram (10oz) package of Gummibaeren and said: share them with your little sister, will you? :)) And one lady even had special candy for the moms, but not for the dads. People were all really friendly.

Here is what Sophie got:

Needless to say that the girls were in heaven! We had a little party at our friend's house afterwards, with some Halloween themed snacks (and of course candy),  put the girls in their PJs before we drove home and had them asleep by 9.30ish. Not bad for a Halloween night, right? All in all, it was super fun! But Sophie still thinks that saying "trick or treat" is so much better than "Suesses oder Saures". :)

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