Friday, December 11, 2015

Weekend reading...

Less than two weeks until Christmas. Are you ready? All presents bought? I thought I would get a head start this year but as usual I am still not done with everything. I guess it's hard to change one's personality. I have always performed best when under pressure. ;)

We had a wonderful appearance of St. Nikolaus last Sunday (see pics below - Ella HATED him ;) and will get our tree tomorrow. We have adapted the US custom of getting the tree earlier in December and getting rid of it shortly after Christmas. In Germany and Austria, where I grew up, you set the tree up on Christmas Eve and traditionally have it until January, 6. I like having it earlier, it sets the mood and we explained to the girls that Santa, or this year the Christkind, then knows where to put all the presents. And they love this idea. Sophie also wants to leave a cookie for the Christkind along with some milk. Mixed up traditions, just the way I like it.

Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful weekend without the shopping stress. (hint: BUY ONLINE ;)

PS Stay tuned - I have a surprise for you next week. A new blog series that I am very excited about!

There is a new Serial podcast online! Will you listen to it? I know, I will!

How cool are these color photos of Paris shot 100 years ago?

This is really cool!

For you Instagram lovers out there - The most instagrammed location in every state. Oregon is not really a surprise.

50 shades of pop. A mashup of the best pop songs in the US in 2015. 

Tropic Ice is an inspiring photo project decicated to climate change by German photographer Barbara Dombrowski.

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