Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekend reading...

It's been a while, I know. I wish I had more time to blog more regularly but things have been busy with me preparing for my classes from home, grading exams and sick kids. It's that time of the year. Sigh. I have also been struggling a bit with reverse culture shock,or culture shock. Unsure how to call it, but I have not been feeling so great. I am confident, however, to push through again and learn even more about myself and different cultures.  

The countdown for our trip to Vienna is on, only two more weeks. I am very excited. Anyway, I hope you are all doing good and wish you a wonderful weekend!

I have read When breath becomes air in three days. It is such a good book, heartbreaking, but there is also a lot to learn from it. If you are a regular follower of  A cup of Jo, you have already heard all about it. If not, here is a short summary. Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon who was only 36 years old, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He started writing the book after he got sick and it provides so much insight on the life of a surgeon vs. a patient. What it means to die at such a young age, leaving your wife and an 8-month old behind. I highly recommend it to everyone.
I can't wait to have more time again to listen to new podcasts. There is a new one, from the NY Times column Modern Love. I have heard great things about it and will definitely add it to my list of podcasts to listen to. The first episodes are online here.
We don't have any travel plans for this year, at least not yet, but here is a great list of potential places to explore. 
A cool blog on DIY, I especially liked the post on macrame, since I will be working on a flower pot holder next week. Another series of the creativity workshops which a friend of mine hosts.

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